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Non-Volley Zone (NVZ) (3.0+)




1 hour

About the Course

Join us for a Non-Volley Zone (NVZ) Clinic, designed to elevate your game and enhance your skills. This hour-long clinic is perfect for players at a 3.0 level or above who want to master the intricacies of the NVZ, also known as "the kitchen".

What you will Learn:

  • Positioning and Footwork: Develop proper footwork and positioning to stay agile and ready for any shot. Learn how to move effectively within the NVZ while maintaining balance and control.

  • Dinking Strategies: Master the art of dinking, a crucial skill for controlling the pace and direction of the game. Practice various dinking techniques and strategies to outsmart your opponents.

  • Speeding Up: Learn to pick the right times to speed up the game and set your opponent up to make mistakes.

  • Volleys and Blocks: Improve your volleying skills to handle fast-paced exchanges at the net. Learn how to execute effective blocks and maintain a strong defensive position.

  • Game Scenarios and Drills: Participate in interactive drills and game scenarios to apply what you've learned in real-time. Our experienced coaches will provide personalized feedback to help you improve.

This clinic is intended to help you build a solid foundation and refine your NVZ skills.

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