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Lobster Machine Pickleball Launcher

1-hour Lobster machine rental: $30 

The rental of the Lobster Machine will be a $30 "add-on" made at the end of the private court reservation process just before making payment.y

Call us or visit the front desk for assistance in obtaining your rental.

Instructions for making the private court reservation and
adding the Lobster Machine to the purchase are outlined below: 

Step 1:

Book Now > Private Court Reservation

Step 2:

Choose Private Court Rental Date & Time > Click Next

Step 3:

At Users Selection > Click Next

Step 4:

Click "Reservation Add-on"

Step 5:

Choose "Lobster Ball Machine"

Step 6:

"Lobster Ball Machine" will be added to order > "Pay with Card" or "Club Credits".

John Smith
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